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Opinion: See Who Laycon Might Likely Choose To Go With Him On His Holiday Trip To Dubai

In addition to the grand prize of emerging the winner of the Big Brother Naija show, the beloved Laycon is to go on a holiday trip to Dubai with any person of his choice. He is to choose a holiday partner with whom he will have leisure with for a period of time.

There is a wild guess of who the lockdown show winner will choose for a holiday partner and I will love to use this medium to also make my prediction. It may be any of the housemate that arrived at the show with him and it will be easier if we take our mind to closely recall who he mostly spent his time with and whom he showed much affection to during their stay together. It could be Erica, or Nengi(who he closely got endeared to at the peak of the show).

But in making my prediction I will take a wild guess to say that the beloved Laycon will choose his runner up, Dorothy to go with him. They may have not shared feelings while in the big brother house but it is obvious that there was a deep sense of friendliness and love they shared. This can be seen when Laycon went to her for advice on how to woo Erica; and also the moment when it was just she and Laycon that were left after eviction and Laycon tried getting her up.

What do you think? Feel free to comment your opinions below. Try to make your own guess too let's see who gets it right.

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