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Questions a lady will never answer unless you drive her crazy

Ladies have been known to be very funny. This is basically because of how firm they always hold in certain issues that affect them in their lives. In life, they always encounter a lot however some of them appear to be shameful to talk about in public. This discourages them from speaking it out however inquisitive you try to be. Of course, we know how shy ladies are sometimes as their nature is. So, as a man in case you want to hear some If such things you have to be very intelligent. There are certain tactics you need to implement in such a case to ensure she speaks it all. Let's see some of the things they keep as their top secret that they won't answer any question about it.

1. Background status:  No Lady ever tells you about her background status especially those with a humbled one. You know most of them will always want to present themselves to appear classic that the public respect them. 

They do this intentionally so that they are approached by rich men. It is always a calculated move to scare the middle-class people from approaching her. However, they will always never tell you about this. 

The man is always surprised when he visits her home to request for her from the parents. In fact, most of them will never lime it whenever you request to visit their homes.

2. Their current and past s#xual status: This is the top-secret of every lady that she never tells. When I talk of this it is all about their virginity status, if they have ever aborted, if they have ever met any man before, or even if they have a baby before. All these are things that feel shameful to talk about but better keep it.

 Of course, no man will entertain a lady when he realized that she has already aborted a certain baby. You know this is just line murder and thus it reveals a picture of a murderer in her. Leave alone this, consider the case of rape. No lady ever admits that she has ever been raped unless otherwise. So, it is better to understand them.

3. Their external affairs with other men: This one you will agree that not even the men will agree easily. Ladies are good at playing their cards well when it comes to this. Having an affair with other people is a very common cause in the society we are living in. 

It is a major source if vices in families that may even result in a break up in case the man hears about it.

4. The amount of money they have currently. That is generally their financial status.

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