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Reactions As Man Ask Why Some Married Women No Longer Wears Wedding Ring

A Nairalander asked the reason why some married women no longer wears their wedding ring narrating her encounters with some married women. 

He wrote:

"Recently I have been scouting for a wonderful lady to settle down with.

" On two occasions, I met some cool looking ladies, only to be told they are married. However, I noticed something, the two women never wore their wedding ring.

"My latest encounter today was the funniest. So I walked up to this lady and we got talking, only for her to tell me she’s married and the husband was actually inside a car that was parked beside us. So I told her I never knew she was
married since she wasn’t wearing her wedding ring.

"Lo and behold, the husband just stylishly came out of the car, by then I’d already excused the lady and left.

" Mehn..........I was just laughing at myself after the whole thing.

"So my question, is it not important for married young ladies to wear their wedding ring to public places?" 

The Above Question Was Asked By A Nairalander, Some Reactions He Got From Fellow Nairalanders Below:

bukatyne: Question: Why are most of the married women you meet without their wedding ring?

Answer: Because you are destined to marry a married woman grin cheesy

Thread closed.

BornToSucced: My dear, I forbid that. For me it means that my eyes are actually working grin

bukatyne: Direct the work of your eyes to actually find your woman and not count the number of ringless married women. wink

Masonkaycares: You need Shiloh

Saintmary: They belong to the streets. Most of these hoes that guys wife up, every saturday aren't cut out for marriage.

Amazinggirl95: Maybe because the husbands they marry aren't deserving of them undecided

yettymuse: You carry copper wire Ring tie person pikin down with No Benefits, just ordinary Mrs title wey no fit open doors And you say make she no fling am throway. If na your sister nko?

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