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Reason why most of the rich men find it difficult to help the poor

I have come across many rich men who finds it very difficult to help the poor ones living around them.

As years gone by I realize the reason why it is very difficult for them to help the poor ones especially those from their family.

We all know that money ritual involves a lot of sacrifices, some were asked to bring their father, mother, wife, or child.

Some of them will also render themselves impotent in order to make money, that is why they will never have a child even though they have money in abundance.

I think that the only reason why they finds it very difficult to help the poor is because of what they went through to get the money.

The truth is that no body will like to give the money he suffered a lot to get, to some who doesn't know what they passed through in making that money.

Ritualists only helps their members because they understand what they all went through in making the money.

In your own opinion, do you know any other reason why they finds it difficult to help the poor ones?

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