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See What Pete Edochie is Saying about Issues with Shiites

Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has spoken out against the "fatal arrogance" he has been involved in.

He said he had read on his Whatsapp account that a Muslim group called the "Islamic Movement of Nigeria" chief of police and that he and the government had harassed some hill producers who were making films criticizing their religion.

He said it was not true that the federal government had given them money to produce the film.

Edochie said that after hearing about how people criticized the film and saying it would put him in trouble he decided to say what he knew about it.

He said he did not write the film but Anosike Kingsley Orji

Other comments by Pete Edochie

I do not understand why the IMN criticizes our film.
Everything that is going on right now is incomplete because this movie has not come out yet

This movie should be waiting for it to come out before people say that my life is in trouble or getting into trouble.
He said that if the military allowed the producers of their equipment to make this film, why should people help themselves.

He said this showed that the military knew about it was a movie

Pete says that any character you invite to appear in a movie, he will do it, no matter how characteristic he is because he is a comedian.

Pete said he was a Nigerian and no one would make him leave because they did not understand him.

In his words, "one day it will be too late."

"Wait for the movie critics to review this movie before you panic."

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