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Should I Abandon My Dads Property Worth 45 Million Naira? Please Advice Me

I’m not close to my dad, I was raised by a single mum till she passed away when I was 16.

My dad has been abroad since I can remember. But I still live in his house, with my cousins. My dad and I hardly talk, we can go 6 months no calls. So I see him as a stranger mostly. I can’t connect.

I have a really good job now. I have like N10M saved up, and earn about N2M monthly.

My plan is to relocate to Abuja and build my house, but my family members and friends thinks I would be foolish to just give up the property in Lagos with no conflict with my dad, as I have lived in the house with my mum my whole life.

But when I was younger he made it clear that this is his house and actually I don’t have access to the papers even.

But also I’m 25 now, I need to be a man after all my dad came to Lagos with nothing and built his house, I should do the same and cut off from him. That’s my only argument.

Is it foolish giving up this property worth about N45M.

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