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This is Fate Zee world update 4th September 2020

This is Fate Zee world update 4 September 2020: On This is Fate Friday 4 September 2020, Bi jee scolds Shrishti to come hurriedly as otherwise the call will end, she asks her to come hurriedly, they both constipate that she is looking like a girl as otherwise she always dresses as a boy. 

Shrishti gets mad then she asks if she can answer the call, it is Ranuka who explains that she has postponed the interview till Diwali, and so they will have it then, Shrishti is left confused as Preeta said that she is going to the interview.

Shrishti feels that Preeta might have gone to the Luthra house. She says that she will come back soon as she has to go to her friend, then she calls Samer whom she explains that she is coming to his house, he pleads her to not come as otherwise he will be thrown out of the house. 

she explains the entire situation to him that she found the lunch at the side table, he gets very happy as this would mean that they would have a new start to their relation, he tries to look but she explains that they both will find out what is happening between Preeta and Karan.

She is about to spill that she came to find Preeta but then she thinks that it will cause problems for them all, then she explains that she came to meet Sameer, she leaves them both, Karina explains that these kind of situation results in a bad mood, they both try to focus on their party.

Prithvi enters the party in disguise, he bumps into dadi, she apologizes that she caused him to fall, she apologizes also helping him getting back up, he leaves after accepting the apology, then he goes to try and ask Sherlin to talk with him but she does not understand that it is Prithvi and scolds him ordering that he leave, he goes behind Maria then shows his face which immediately brings a smile on her face.

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