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Throwback: After Training His 4 Children in University, Man Got Shock of His Life When His Wife in Anger told Him He's not Their Father

A related story happened in my area some years back, A man after training his two sons though not to university level but at least they both learnt trade and are doing well. 

From no where a man showed up claiming to be the father of the children, from that to this their mom said its true. She stated that she waited for years to get pregnant but nothing was working so she had to try elsewhere. 

After narrating the story, the two children belonging to another man refused to follow their supposed Father. Stating that the Father they know is the one that has been caring for them since day 1.

You may be wondering what brought about my story. A Kingsparo Blog reader sent in a related story which made me recall the story above. 

Read her story below:

This story is a true life story that happened long time ago. Their was a young lady dating a young lawyer but their parents disapprove of their relationship. 

Her parents made her marry a civil servant who was doing well, not too rich and not poor. 

They where blessed with four kids, among them was a doctor, lawyer,a business administrator and a pharmacist. 

One day, there was a misunderstanding between the couple, I mean daddy and mommy, in anger mommy said to daddy you useless man (aba eleja yan) big fool, you are not even smart mumu anyway thanks for taking good care of my children just know that they are not your children they belong to the our lawyer. 

If you doubt me take them for a test. Daddy was shocked and he slumped in his wildest dreams he would not have thought of that. 

Immediately mummy packed her things to meet the lawyer with the mindset that the Lawyer will legally claim his children. 

The funny thing is that nobody in the family knew she was still seeing the lawyer who she was in love with. Only the lawyer and her knew the father of the children. 

it was also a shock to the family even the children that the person they grew up and know as their father is not their father. 

what a disaster mumcy no send any body she just pack her things Waka comot people too get mind,where will daddy start from was question everybody were asking. 

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