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Two Things Ladies Love in Men

Hello everyone in and out of Africa, now I do hope that you had a wonderful time in all you were doing this weekend. However today I have come to you to share with you the parts that attract women to men.

Now we have two major body parts that make women get attracted to men, many men do everything to get the attention of women, but women get attracted to men by very two body parts that you can't imagine that could attract anyone.

The first part is the body stature, whether you are short or tall matters so much to ladies, many ladies have gotten husband's just because they loved the height of the man or his shot stature. 

The second body part is the muscles, you get many men going to gym to have muscles, it's because many ladies prefer a guy with good muscles.

Now you know, so you have some work to do, but I believe any man out there can get a wife no matter how he looks, because God has chosen for everyone a wife. Just remember to follow me up and let's continue the talking may God bless you all.

Source: Opera News

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