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What a Man Can Do a Woman Can Do Too! See a Black Woman Happily Married To Two HUSBANDS

We live in a world were everyone both men and women thinks that a man can multiple wives but a woman can have only one husband.

We usually think of polygamy as it consigns one man with two or more women, we forgets too easily that polygamy has other forms.

First of all I will start with clearing and explaining what polygamy is and all that it entails.

Polygamy is the state of marriage of to more than one spouse or marriage partner. It has three forms:

1. polygyny: when a man is married to more than one wife at the same time.

2. Polyandry: when the woman is married to more than one husband at the same time.

3. Group Marriage: the union of three or more partners and they are all sexual partners.

In our world today the most common form of polygamy is polygyny. We see it play out every day, it is endorsed by Islam and many other Traditional religions across the globe.

Polyandry and Group marriages are very rare in our society, but in today's article we will be looking at the life of a gorgeous Black woman who is currently and Happily married to two husbands.

This woman shows us that women too can marry multiple husbands at the same time and still be happy.

She bears the name Kenya K Stevens on the three top social medias, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She is a relationship coach who specialises on polygamous relationships.

She is the founder and owner of "Progressive Love Academy" an avenue she uses to mentor and coach people on how they can successfully transition their monogamous relationship into love filled polygamy.

She is an adherent believer on the Polygamous nature of human beings.

From her Instagram posts you could decipher that she has been married to her first husband for about 24 years now. 17th August was their 25th wedding anniversary.

In this picture below was taken in 2016 when they observed her 21st wedding anniversary with her first husband.

Her first husband is Rakhem Seku who is currently 50 years old yet still very much lively and young. He just like his wife believes that human beings are polygamous in nature.

He is also a relationship expert just like his wife Kenya. Together they both have 3 wonderful children.

Her second husband who she fondly calls hubby 2 is an elegant tall man and they both have been together for about 7 years.

He is also part of their coaching school.

She also officiates marriages for her clients.

Here is a picture of one the weddings she officiated while putting on a red gown and stilettos.

What do you think about this lady and her husbands and boyfriends?

Can you be in an open relationship like this one? Can you marry a polyandrous woman? As a woman can you marry more than one husband?

Drop you thought on the comment section.

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