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When People Of Same Blood Group Marry Each Other, This Happens

When you want to marry you should select your partner well.First before you become husband and wife you should visit hospital and take a blood group test so that you can Know your blood group compatibility.

If there might be a problem for you and your partner to marry then the doctor will tell you and he will give you some precautions to follow. It is true that to marry someone of your favourite does not cause any harm for both of you.It is simply allowed.The problem becomes when both of you have different blood types.

There are two types of blood; Rhesus positive and Rhesus negative.

Parents pass their blood group to their children.When you get married both of you having the same blood group like A+ then there will be no problem because your blood type is the same.Infact it will be a nice match since you all have Rh+.

The children will have a high chance of belonging to the same group.So people should not be afraid to marry people of the same blood group.

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