Woman Shares Mock Message She Received Because She Was Barren After God Blessed Her

A Nigerian woman who recently put to birth after years of barrenness shares a story of how she was mocked.

The good thing is that she is now a mother, all thanks to the almighty for slamming naysayers. 

A post sighted by KINGSPARO on Facebook identified the poster as Omobolanle Adeyemo.

She received the message on September 9, 2019. She had been married for 2 years and 5 months but had not given birth so someone sent her messages on WhatsApp to mock her. 

According to her, she received the message when she was having hard times because she miscarriages. 

Sharing the screenshot of the message, Omobolanle told of how she cried after receiving it and how it affected her. She said she married as a virgin but the hurtful message made her question herself.

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