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1 Month After She Knelt Down To Accept Her Boyfriend's Proposal, See Whatsup Now

About a month ago, a lady identified as Adaeze Gift Okolie defied societal norm by kneeling down to accept her boyfriend's proposal. What she did touched my heart and I also believe that other men were loved what this lady did as she saw the need to change the narrative. She was the talk of the town as she trended for days on social media with some ladies commending her for what she did, while others said that she disgraced the female gender.

This lady opened the door and saw her friends and boyfriend in a room that is well decorated. She was so astonished as she never expected the marriage proposal.

When she entered the room, first thing she saw was "Will You Marry Me", the greatest question every lady expects to hear from a guy who has been in a relationship with her for a while.

The boyfriend handed her a flower and brought out an engagement ring. One of his kneel went to the ground as she looked into her face and asked him "Will You Marry Me".

The lady did not say YES or NO, she told him to stand up as she helped him up and she did what no one ever thought of.

Instead of the lady accepting the guy's proposal while he kneels, this lady went on her kneels to accept her boyfriend's proposal, this alone showed that she changed the popular notion of others as regards men kneeling down to propose to a girl.

One month after she did this, let us see some of her photos.

Adaeze Gift Okolie appears to be a spiritual person, just like Angela Nwosu who is regarded as "Digital Ogbanje".

I so much love this lady, sometimes she goes to the river to say a prayer or two for her followers on Facebook.

More Photos

Ladies, be frank and sincere, can you kneel down to accept your boyfriend's proposal like this lady did? Guys would you allow your girlfriend to do that? Like, share and drop a comment.

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