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10 Things That Happens Before You Official Dies and What a Dying Person Sees

So what do we know about the dying process. Alot of research has been done so as to answer this question.

First thing first, we have to realize that 'brain dead' and 'clinically dead' are two different things. Being brain dead is when there's lack of neural activity in a person's brain. Clinically dead is when the heart, breathing and blood circulation stops.

What happens before you officially die?

1. Loss of appetite.

As a person slowly die they encounter loss of appetite. This is because the body is focusing all its energy on trying to keep the person alive thus the priority is on breathing and heartbeat. Digestion is not a priority at this stage. The whole body system is trying to prolong the eventual death.

2. Body goes into 'low power' mode.

A person experiences alot of fatigue and body weakness. The body is trying to dedicate the available stored energy to important functions such as breathing and maintaining a heart rate so as to keep the person alive.

3. Brain is less active.

The brain controls what happens in the body and it tells the body what to do. However the brain becomes less active as it tries to focus on chemical signals that can keep the body alive for as long as possible.

4. Loss of senses.

The first sense to be lost is the sense of smell. After that the other senses start fading one by one. Sense of hearing and touch are normally the last ones to go.

5. Ability to speak is lost.

Aphasia is the inability to speak. This usually happens to people who have brain damage. However the same effect is achieved as the body and brain break down.

Once the brain decides that one doesn't need communication as an essential tool for survival then the ability to communicate is lost.

6. Death rattle.

As the body weakens there is accumulation of fluid in the chest and throat. This causes a sound to be made when a person is breathing, this sound is what is referred to as the death rattle.

It can be a very disturbing noise to hear but it does not cause any stress to the person dying.

7. Loss of consciousness.

One slowly starts to lose consciousness. This is because the brain relies on the various connections between neurons so as to function. However these connections start to break down and that's why one slips into unconsciousness.

8. You become dreamy.

While in this state one gets dreams and visions. A person may see images like a light at the end of a tunnel.

The dreams are extremely vivid and are sometimes even carried over into the waking hours. Most of these dreams and visions may feature loved ones who have already died. In most cases these dreams are comforting, rather than frightening.

9. Brain wakes up.

Before death the brain experiences a surge of activity right before death. This surge of activity is responsible for seeing things like :

-life flashing before one's eyes,

-a bright light that you’re heading towards

-the consciousness leaving the body.

10. The boss checks out.

The brain is the boss, once it checks out it is all over. The brain and body have been trying to run smoothly but now they are no longer in control thus everything shuts down. This will come as a relief to the body.

People who have experienced near death experiences say that they felt at peace. This could be due to the fact that at this point a person is beyond the point of feeling fear and pain.

Source: Mianross (via Opera News )

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