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10 Things Women Love But Won't Tell You, Number 6 Is Funny to Me

Women love many things but the truth is that all women love money. Money is one of the superior thing women love before talking about any other thing.

I have noticed many women and I have discovered what they really want so I just need to share it with other who might not know. Some people did not know how to make their woman happy, but they think that once they her money, that's all.

The truth is women love money but let me realistic with you, money is not everything. Women need care and affection also and they are always happy whenever they find one.

Below are things women love but won't tell you.

1. Touch her waist and pull her closer

2. Tell her all your secret

3. Make sure you talk to her always

4. Tell her jokes and laugh with her

5. Don't forget to text her randomly in a day

6. Share your clothes with her

7. Always remind her that you love her

8. Kiss her slowly when needed

9. Talk about her with your friends

10. Take her out once in a while

Note: I didn't say that those are the only things women wants.

What are your thoughts on this? Drop your comments below and don't forget to follow up for more interesting articles.

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