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10years after her "S##xtape" was leaked, See photos of her beautiful family (photos)

Kim Kardashian's is a model, chef and a mother. her life is a true definition of "Grace" as alot of people thought the incident which happened to her some years ago would pull her down and bring her career to an end, but it only ended up making her famous and wealthy.

The beautiful 30 years old lady, was at the verge of giving up, about 10 years ago when her "tape" got leaked by her ex boyfriend. surprisingly after what transpired between them, her sisters the "Kardashians" stood solidly behind her, before a wealthy black American musician, popularly known as "Kanye west" through the tape, got interested in her and led her to the altar for marriage.

Kim Kardashian and her sisters are the wealthiest ladies in the world and has impacted alot of lives. they are business minded and also make time for their families.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye west's family has also won so many awards as the most "influencial" and most "loved" family in the world.

See photos of her lovely family.

It shows that God works in a mysterious ways. Kim Kardashian found true love, despite her past records. what do you have to say about her lovely family?

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