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12 ways to know if a lady really loves you

In life, there always comes a time when the ladies and gentlemen need each other's company. This is what incites us to engage in relationships so as to feel loved. However, in relationships, many things happen. There might even erupt cases of lack of trustworthiness towards each other. Due to this, it's better as a man to notice earlier whether a lady loves you or not. To know if she really loves you, always note the following things from her.

1. She should always be very open and feel free when talking to you. This means she should not hide anything from you in whichever way.

2. When she always lines your company and never leaves you when around her.

3. Preparing your favorite dishes at night, mornings, and for lunch.

4. Likes making stories with you into the deep nights.

5. Stares at you none stop when talking to you.

6. When she has the courage to hug you in public.

7. When she likes it touching you and joking as you talk.

8. Whenever she tells you everything she is doing. This involves even her private missions.

9. If she also reports to you of any man having approached her, she is also truthful to you.

10. Some even know how to handle your mood swings and will never let you get angry with anything.

11. In case you realize that she is always ready to spend anything for your sake, you also need to marry her.

12. If you notice her telling you her family secrets, you must know she really trusts you thus a sign of love.

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