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2 days after Messi defeated Juventus, see what Ronaldo posted that caused confusions among fans

The greatest comparison in the football world has always been between Messi and Ronaldo. The greatest football argument too has always been about Messi and Ronaldo. And it has always been everyone's wish to see these two guys play against each other on the same pitch. 2 days ago, Barcelona played against Juventus in the Champions league group stage, however Ronaldo was absent because he was undergoing isolation, after contracting the Corona virus.

Messi and Barcelona defeated Juventus by 2 goals to zero, and after just 2 days that the match was played, Cristiano Ronaldo has come out to make a post on Twitter. The post caused confusions because not everybody understood his caption, and so it resulted to misunderstandings and arguments between Messi and Ronaldo fans. 

See what he posted;

Forget about his haircut and how ugly he now looks, the caption he used was what many did not understand, and began to misinterpret. According to Google, the term Kaizen is a Japanese word for "Change for the better", but it was not clear who he was referring to, and so it caused confusions as people started commenting with things that were unrelated, mostly on comparisons between Messi and Ronaldo. 

See some of what they were saying;

You could see how confused they are, comparing the duo. Now the question is; Why do Messi fans always despise Ronaldo, and vice versa? Why do Ronaldo fans don't see Messi as the greatest player, and vice versa? Why do fans always argue about who's the greatest between these two guys? Why don't they want to acknowledge both of them as GOATS? Please leave a reply to any of this questions, in the comment section below. Follow me for more news and updates.

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