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3 questions a girl will ask if she likes you

One of the best ways to know someone is by asking questions. So, if a girl is asking you questions because you asked her to date you, maybe she likes you too that's why she is asking questions. Besides a girl who is not interested won't bother.

The girl might ask questions about your family, friends, goals, hobby, and all that. But let me say those are normal questions. But questions like the ones below, you have to respond wisely. Because, how you respond might make the girl lose interest or develop an interest in you.

(1). For instance, a girl asked you “What makes me different from other girls you’ve been with”? You know It will be difficult for a girl to believe you've not dated before. However, make her understand that as our faces are different so our lifestyle. Then back it up with compliments.

(2). Questions like “What if I have someone”? A girl who has a guy or into a serious relationship won't hesitate to tell you she has a guy to dismiss every feeling you have for her. So, don't get too worried if a girl asks a question like that. She just wants to know the level of your likeness for her. For instance, a guy who is not serious can easily be discouraged by that, but a guy who truly likes her won't back off because of that question.

(3). For instance, a girl asked you “Why are you in love with me”? It's a very simple question to answer, but remember that she is asking this question to know your intention. So, respond carefully.

She might even ask more questions, but avoid lies. It's much favorable if a girl goes into a relationship with you for who you are.

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