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3 Sperm-Killing Food Items That Men Should Strictly Avoid

It is important for everyone to know that our diet plays a very important role in keeping our health in good condition.Controlling stress and exercising your body also plays a very important role in maintaining good health, but what you eat also takes the top slot in maintaining your health.It is important to take note of your diet and nutrition if one day you want to be a great father. You can do these by paying attention to what you actually eat.

Women nowadays are advised by their respective doctors to switch to fertility friendly foods like garlic and yams if they want to get pregnant, what men eats also matters alot.This is because some types of foods are there to hurt the sperm quality and also damage its counts.

Men who don't know what a low sperm means will be able to find help from this article.A low sperm count refers to any man who has fewer than 39 million sperm per ejaculation.If you are planning to to have a baby then you should try as much as possible to avoid the below mentioned food items:


Men should pay attention here because consumption of alcohol can affect your performance in bed negatively, even in moderate amounts.Drinking alcoholic in large amounts can weaken havoc on your testosterone levels hence lower your sperm count.

2.Processed meat

Processed meat is also not good for your health, try as much as possible to avoid bacon, ham, salami and hotdogs because you also risks your heart health and it also leads to decrease to sperm count.Processed meat will also lower rate of sperm motility.

3.​Full-fat milk and dairy products

Men who have the habits of taking milk, cream and cheese you should stop it as soon as possible. It is true that full-fat diary contains estrogen that comes from animals, animals get it from steroids that is given to them to increase milk production hence cause low quality of sperms to men when consumed.Men are adviced to switch to almond milk instead.

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