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3 Uses of Alligator Pepper You Need to Know as a Human Being

What I'm about to tell you here is not a cock and bull story but the facts a lot people do not know about alligator pepper. Alligator pepper is a powerful seed but our people are drying as a result of ignorant.

One of the things you probably do not know about alligator pepper is when someone has wrong you too bad and your hands are clean, take some seeds of alligator pepper early in the morning and make some specific statements, if what the fellow did is right, let him or her rise like the rising sun. If not, his or her intention will fade with the fading sun and it will automatically turn out the way you make your statement.

Secondly, if you are embarking on a journey and have mixed feelings about it, take 7 seeds of alligator pepper and put in your pocket. Remove and dispose when you return and nothing will happen to you as you carry out this.

Thirdly, if you always have a spiritual attacks in form of a spirit visits and tragic nightmares, hold some seeds of alligator pepper, make specific statements and drop some of the seeds at the edges of your room and it will destroy every spirit attacks and nightmares.

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