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4 Celebrities Who Were Arrested For Internet Scams, Two Are Still In Prison

Hushpuppi (Still In Prison).

R amon who is popularly known as hushpuppi was arrested on the l0th of June for committing a cyber crime and money laundering, and since then has been in jail. Though he claimed to be an influencer before his arrest.

Billionaire Invictus Obi (Still In Prison ).

Young Nigerian Billionaire and owner of Invictus Group he was even once mentioned by Forbes as one of the richest before 30 years.was caught trying to commit cybercrime last year August and since then has been in prison.

B Lord ( Released Recently).

Was arrested for Bitcoin scam last month but has been released this month, he is popularly known as B Lord And he most be highly influenced for him to have been released so early, unlike the rest.

Mompha (Released).

Mustapha Mukaila popularly known as mompha was Arrested by EFCC on the 22nd of October last year for committing money laundering, But fortunately for him, his bail was granted.

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