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5 Courses you should not waste your time studying in the University

The Nigerian Educational system is a unique one that gladly differentiate Educational courses from professional courses.

A professional course is a course designed to target those who are in, or about to enter, the workforce in corporate, government or technology fields. 

Sim examples of professional courses are seen below

1. Law

2. Medicine

3. Pharmacy

4. Engineering

5. Accounting and many others.

Educational courses on the other hand can as well be seen as : Education courses are designed for individuals seeking to enhance their professional credentials in the field of education. Whether the eventual aim is to become a teacher, supervisor, administrator, consultant or other education-related professional, Education courses can build critical knowledge and skills.

Below includes the list of Educational courses.

1. Adult Education

2. Pedagogy

3. Educational psychology

4. Educational research

5. Coaching and many others.

Studying Some courses in the Nigerian university are advisable while some others ain't a advisable in any way due to the fact that Some of them end up without getting a job and are as well not well paid for the services that give out or render.

Below includes to list of courses you shouldn't waste your time studying in the University:

1. Library Science: Aside owning your own library, thus course is however of no use to you. to get jobs from such courses usually takes a tedious process. you rather get employed in either a primary or a secondary school library and probably in the university library as well.

2. Social studies: This is another course you should avoid studying because it has been rendered useless in Nigeria

3. Zoology

4. Botany

5. Theatre Arts: in the entertainment industry, it is not about what you've studied, it is about how well you can perform or act.

Therefore, graduates in this field even face more competitions from graduates from other fields.

It I Also good to know that as a graduate, your certificate does not guarantee you a job in Nigeria here

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