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5 words more touching than I love you' that will make any girl feel loved

I love you, is the most widely used sentence when people try to express how they feel in a simple term. But there are other sentences or words rather, more effective, touching, and sweeter than “I love you". At times girls prefer such words.

However, the following are examples of some words that are more thoughtful than “I love you”.

(1). Words like “you are always on my mind”. This shows that she is always on your mind. and the girl will feel loved. Most especially when she knows you're creating the time to send her a text or putting her on calls.

(2). Words like “With you, nothing is boring".

 It's one of the most outstanding ways to compliment a girl. It shows how much you value the girl and her presence in your life. 

(3). Words like “I can’t imagine my life without you right now".

It simply means you appreciate the role the girl is playing in your life. Girls like it when a guy is taking note of every little thing they are doing to support him or the relationship.

(4). Words like “You are incredible". sweet words make girls feel wonderful. And make them continue to behave in a way a guy will rain more praises on them. 

(5). Words like “You can always count on me". for instance, telling a girl I love you, will make her feel loved so long the love is there. But “you can count on me” simply means you are ready to support, and be there for her whenever she need help. Girls don't play with guys like that.

Using “I love you” to express your feelings to a girl it's absolutely fine, but using other nice words to spice things add interest to a relationship. 

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  1. Some girl are really cold that you can't even break through to them


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