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7 ways to make a man miss you

How to make a man miss you

If you want him to miss and value you then you must do the following.

1: Stop talking about missing him and pay attention to why or what he is doing that made you want to stop talking to him. If you think he is cheating pay attention to that before drawing conclusion.

2: Stop imitating communication: Allow him make that move, when he calls or chat don’t be in a hurry to answer or reply let him feel like he has really lost and you will see the speed he will use to come for you.

3: Give him something to miss, don’t be a boring girlfriend be that girl he knows that whenever you are around he will never be bored or tired. Rock his world to make him crave for more. (not sex)

4: Patronize your life and start saying no: Don’t be available whenever he calls or want you let him know that you are busy as well and if you used to be available whenever he calls, you need to stop and start valuing yourself. Go out with friends have fun and forget that you have a man.

5: Be mysterious: You don’t have to explain your every move or details of your daily activities to him, let him just wonder and imagine where you could be or who you could be with.

6: Have the talk with him when the time is right, don’t be under any pressure to talk about anything with him do it when you are ready.

7: Be willing to walk away if there is need for that: Don’t be scared of what will or might not happen, don’t worry about the future rather think of your happiness and peace of mind.

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