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A Bag Of Rice Is No Longer N38,000, Sachet Tomatoes No Longer N50. See Their New Prices Here

In Nigeria today, rice and tomatoes are one of the most consumed and purchased food stuffs in Nigeria. Tomatoes are used in making stews, jollof rice, pizzas, etc while rice can be prepared the style and way you want it.

However, in recent times, the prices of food stuffs have been fluctuating and currently these essential household items are on the high side. Previously, a bag of rice was about N38,000 and a sachet of tomatoes was sold for N50. Although, the prices can vary from one location to another. The price can either be less or higher in some places.

Today, the cost of a bag of rice is between N41,000 to N45,000. And a sachet of tomatoes now cost N150. Most households have choosed the option of buying more of other foodstuffs and less of this expensive items.

The forces of demand and supply is one of the factors that causes the instability in the prices of household goods.

You should also note that the price of commodities are usually different depending on your location. Prices of food items in Lagos might not be the same with prices in Kano state.

How much is a bag of rice and sachet of tomatoes in your location now? Share it with us in the comment section below and share this article with your friends and family.

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