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A Woman Who Was Buried Came Knocking At Her Husband's Door, Here's How It Happened

Have you ever read stories about people who died and miraculously woke up when all hope is lost? Or at least some of us are familiar with the story of Lazarus. Even in the modern era, there are stories of people who have experienced something related to the story of Lazarus, and today we are going to talk about the case of Magorie McCall.

Magorie McCall was a woman who lived a normal life and later found love, she fell in love and got married to John which they lived a normal life together and later gave birth to their kids.

John, Magorie, and their kids were living peacefully and happily together until a day came when Magorie fell sick, Magorie caught a fever and it was so bad that it landed her in a coma. Her husband mourned the loss of his wife thinking that she's dead and they quickly buried her without giving it a day or two. Magorie was buried and her mourning husband left the expensive ring she was putting on with her.

Little did the husband knew that grave robbers have already gotten their eyes and interest on her ring. When darkness covered these thugs went ahead to dig open the grave of Magorie, they dug it up with the intention and purpose of stealing the ring from her hand. 

Please note that the pictures in this article are for illustrative purposes apart from that of her grave and tombstone.

Photo of an open grave

They tried and failed to pull it off her finger so they decided to cut it off. When they placed the blade on the finger, the pain from the blade woke her up and she screamed in pain, the thieves were so terrified that they ran for their lives. Magorie managed to trace her way back to her house carrying the injury. Meanwhile, John was with their kids when they heard a knock on the door, John said to their children "If I hadn't buried your mother, I would swear that was her knock."

John went forth to open up the door and he was shocked when he saw his wife which he had recently buried, standing and looking at him with blood dripping on her cloth from her injured finger. Jim instantly fainted when he saw this and his hair turned white overnight due to the impact of the shock. 

Margorie lived for many years after this unimaginable experience of her life and she gave birth to more children before she finally died. She was buried and the inscription on her tombstone was "lived once, buried twice".

(Magorie McCall's written inscription on her tombstone)

Magorie McCall's grave

These are some things to point out from what happened to Margorie McCall: 

1) the contradiction: It was said by some that the grave robbers died on the spot out of fear and John also died on the spot when he saw Magorie and Magorie got married to another man and bare more kids. Some sources also said that John fainted but since that of John fainting look more real, believable, and with a happy ending, we'll have to go with it.

2) The grave robbers may have the aim of stealing the ring from her, little did they know that they were used by God to rescue Margorie because if they hadn't dug open the grave, she could have remained trapped even if she eventually woke up.

3) The love and bond between Magorie and John was so strong that John was able to know she's the one knocking. I think this should be a challenge for our couples of today.

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