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Actress Ruth Kadri blows hot in a video to address bad happening in Nollywood (Watch)

There ia an Igbo adage that says "the ant that stings a man is hiding right inside his coat", this is to say that what or who kills a man is often someone close, not to his body, but to his heart.

It can only take those in Nollywood to say what is is happening among them, likewise, whatever is happening among them can only be caused by those involved.

Recently, a lot of negative news have been coming forth from the industry, stating from Mr. Ibu who was poisoned by his worker, Genevieve Nnaji who was banned from acting in Asaba Industry, Cha Cha Eke who is almost losing her right senses.

To this respect, the beautiful Nollywood actress has come out to address the matter, saying that the Nollywood industry in Asaba should be called a prostitute and a bastard when likened to a mother.

She said if it's a mother, then she is one who brings and takes, grows and destroys, she doesn't want any of her wards to do well. She blew hot, pouring it out as it is.

She said the industry doesn't allow her wards to grow, rather they have a growth limit, if you grow past it, you will be tagged a bad name. They feel that when you grow past certain levels, you may intimidate them.

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