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After Osun Governor was Attack, see the weapon an EndSARs Protester brought to Protest Ground

The news of the attack on the Governor of Osun state has led to misunderstanding with the governor and the EndSARs Protesters.

The governor recently made an official state about the attack on his life earlier, according to him he said some hoodlums were sent after his life.

Shortly after the incident see what was noticed at the back of a protesters who came to take pictures.

See photos.

More photos

Reacting to the news, see what fans are saying about it.

@0205 "Ti iwo ba se rere, ara ki o ma ya ooo. That is a Yoruba adage. We don't need you all dead but to see how God will transform His Glory in this Country thru the YOUTH. Why didn't you address them instead wanted to speed off & they attack your convoy, now two pp are killed true or false? Let our leaders show they care."

@Guest "Govnr:- What did you go to do in the midst of those young people doing their thing.? Or you went to precipitate crises where there was none! What will anybody benefit from killing you even though your conscience condemns you for your political theft? Please keep silent and stop attracting undue attention to yourself."

@Wq "I pity dis Governor, how can u say okada killed d youths, fear God, dis deceit will not lead u anywhere, there is God bcos what u wish for our children will be d portion of all our children born and unborn, learn from Sanwolu, so far, he is handling Lagos with maturity."

@Sameul "Collectively all political office holders had been lining their pockets and dishing out crumbs to the teeming fewer privilege ones.

You received ur baptism of fire and heat from angry youths that are feed up with unemployment ravaging them."

@Gust "Shameless Governor. Pontus Olu.of Lagos has handled the Lagos protests with Calm, dignity, Maturity, because some with sense, realize these Protests are more spiritual than physical. Are you the only governor, Oyetola. Those young protestors are not thugs, and if each one of you had led with the Fear of GOD, Nigeria won't be in this dilemma. Karma awaits ALL. OF YOU!!."

This EndSARs Protest hasn't really been peaceful since the onset, but many Nigeria's who started the fight do not think it was to back out now.

Reacting to the picture above, I think unwise for protesters to be coming to the Protest ground with a dangerous weapon as that, it will only give the government a yardstick and reason to use force against the citizens.

This Protest has come to stay and it will not stop until we get what we are looking for, but Nigerians should do well to stop and send all Protesters who are into caused trouble.

You can't tell, it might be a plan work by some wicked politicians who are strongly against the struggle.

What are your thoughts on this, drop your comment in the comments section below.

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