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Akara Is Not Good for These 4 Types of People. Check if You are One of Them

'Akara' locally known as Bean Cake is a regular and common breakfast meal in many Nigerian homes.

It is mostly eaten with grinded wheat called 'Akamu'

Highly nutritious, containing high amount of protein, the food also contains some health side effects. It can cause you health problems or complicate it.

The food has been found to be more dangerous to people who have some underlying medical conditions.

I have drafted five (5) common illnesses that eating Akara can make worse.

Before we mention the illnesses, let us look into some of the nutritional composition of the food.

'Akara' is a deep fried food. Pepper is used in its preparation. Oils used in frying it is mainly groundnut oil or palm oil which contains cholesterol.

With this information above, I believe you can picture some of the dangers it could pose to certain individuals with certain health conditions.

You do not need to stress your brain, I have made it easy for you by summarizing it.

Here are health conditions that eating Akara will complicate;

1. Stomach Ulcer

Ulcer is a medical conditions in which a person is afflicted with sores and injuries in any part of his body. Therefore, Stomach Ulcer refers to the effect in one's stomach.

Eating Akara makes the injury and sores in the stomach fresh and reverse the process of healing.

2. Obesity

People who are suffering obesity are advised to avoid fatty and oily foods. Therefore, Akara, which is a deep fried food, is not good for you.

3. Pimples

Pimples is a facial skin disorder that gives rise to rashes covering the face.

It has been confirmed to be caused by consumption of oily foods.

4. Heartburn (Acid Reflux)

Heartburn refers to the burning sensation felt in the chest region after eating.

Oily and peppering foods to avoid complicating its symptoms.

Note that 'Akara' is only not recommended for people with the above illness or any other illness that you have been told by the doctor which requires avoid eating it.

There are other healthier and delicious meal you can take for breakfast.

Look for the ones that are suitable to your health condition and enjoy.

Can you leave your favorite food forever due to health conditions?

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