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As A Man, Please Stop Sleeping With Girls When Helping Them Financially (See These Screenshots)

The accompanying screen capture tells a circumstance where a young lady actually needs some budgetary assistance from her friend(a guy),but shockingly the person needs to lay down with her before encouraging her.

According to the young lady’s trial she has life partner she needed to wed, however she was unable to implore her life partner cash since he’s not skilled right now hereafter beseeching her (a person) for cash.

The inquiry is ,the reason is our Society like this.why can’t a few men help ladies without requesting going down with them before aiding women.Sadly ,this circumstance is additionally existing in our college system,which is known as “sex for grades”.A understudy will justify a specific score however the devilish instructor will prevent her from securing the score since she rejected laying down with him, and it will make the understudy to have continue just as spending additional year in school ,which is extremely terrible.

Aside from this monstrous episode existing in our advanced degree, it’s additionally existing in work ministries,which is named “S3x for employment”.”S3x for business” is the point at which a specific individual merits/justifies a characterized position in an industry/organization yet she will get denied in light of the fact that she rejected laying down with the CEO of the company.Many Managing chiefs/CEO do demand sex from their representatives so as to elevate them to the following level or to give them jobs.most times positions in the office,Job offers, business are not, at this point dependent on merit however s3x.

Below are the screenshot of the chats between the guy and the girl, please feel free to feed your eyes with it

The following are the screen capture of the visits between the person and the young lady, if it’s not too much trouble don’t hesitate to take care of your eyes with it

From the above screened-shot chats,A young lady can be seen asking a person for money,but the person demanded her going to his home to gather the cash since he clearly has a ulterior thought process which is laying down with the girl.The young lady currently told the person that she can’t go to his home since she has a life partner that needs to wed her,the fellow at that point advised her to proceed to gather cash from her life partner since she can cook ,wash, carry out room responsibilities with him, she ought to too gather cash from her life partner and quit beseeching him for in light of the fact that his cash has a place with his girlfriend.

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What is your considerations and assessments on this matter???Is it directly for men to demand going down with ladies before helping them monetarily??

What do you think about this issue. Cment below

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