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As A Responsible Man, Please Don't Ever Let Your Wife Do These Six [6] Things When She Is Pregnant

The primary aim of marriage is to bear children. For your family to be completed, you must have children of your. God has given man the power to recreate and reproduce offsprings of our own kind. In today's article, we would be looking at what you should never allow your wife to do when is pregnant.

The infant in the womb of a woman is very fragile and needs to be treated with care from the outside by not hitting the abdomen too hard to hurt the foetus and from the inside by eating healthy and child friendly meals. You should take meals as prescribed by your doctor for your baby's growth and development.

Here are things you should never allow your wife to do when she's pregnant.

1. Don't ever Let Her Do The Laundry Works:

Pregnant women shouldn't be stressed by doing the house laundry like bathroom cleaning, washing dishes, washing of larger clothes. To keep the baby in her womb from stress, she should avoid such.

2. Curtain Hanging And Fans Cleaning:

Don't ever do anything that will make her to climb above the floor level. It's very risky for such to happen if she slips and falls, her baby's health might be in danger.

3. She shouldn't move Heavy Weights:

You should never allow your wife to do heavy house works and make her lift heavy weights. Repetitive and monotonous tasks increase stress hormones, which is not good for pregnant women.

4. Don't let her to be with pets:

This is because pets, Cats to be specific releases enzymes that will not be considered good for pregnant women, pregnant moms should never be allowed to do clean the litter tray of the pets.

5. Make sure she avoids the sight of household pests like cockroaches and ants this is because pregnant women hates the sight of cockroaches, ants and pests and would like to eliminate them immediately.

6. Don't ever let her trek a long distance, she might get stressed while she does it.

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