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As We Sacrifice Our Lives To End SARS, Check What Yahoo Boys Should Do So Our Efforts Won't Be In Vain

"Why are you using iPhone at your age?"

"What are you doing with a car and chains at your age? You must be a Yahoo Boy".

"He is with dreads, he is a Yahoo boy".

This phrases and many more have been reported to be common among the FSARS units in Nigeria. The worse of it all, if you don't comply, you are taken in their van. Be it true or rumour, Nigerians want the SARS unit to end.

The SARS have been reported to have brutalize the youths of Nigeria and the Federal Government has declared the unit banned, even the president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari has spoken on the issues and also with heavy heart mourn with the family members of the deceased.

In all this, never should we forget the SARS unit was created to give securities to the people of Nigeria and also to catch fraudsters who we all call "Yahoo Boys". Yahoo Boys are Nigerian youths that engage in fraudulent activities to earn a living, they are said to engage such activities since there are no job opportunities in the country. They disguise in the form of white men or women to deceive their clients and extort huge amount of money from them, all in the name of hustle.

The Yahoo Boys tells their client how they love them and use "LOVE" to get whatever they want from their clients. With their phones and laptops they can fetch huge amount of money anywhere around the world, this is why they use big phones like iPhones to do their work, appear expensive and ride big cars like Benz.

Yahoo has been existing over the ages and the government is not pleased with the way such activities has ruined it reputation worldwide. People like Hushpuppi has done more harm than good in ruining the image of Nigeria. The SARS was created to watch and monitor such activities.

In as much we protest to end SARS we still shouldn't forget that as SARS ends Yahoo continues, everybody want the unit to end, not reformed or reshaped but have you ever thought of how the country will be without SARS?

In my opinion for the SARS unit to end certain activities should be cautioned by this fraudsters, which I will be listing below.

1. If possible the SARS unit end in the country, the Yahoo Boys not yet caught should endeavour to dress decent,no dreadlocks, no earrings, no expensive cars. Nigerians are known for to be disciplined, we frown at looks boy of nowadays put on for the sake of fashion. This form of indecent dressing is uncalled for. Remember we are addressed the way we are dressed.

2. They should stop doing "Yahoo Yahoo", we are all aware that stealing is bad and a crime. Judging from a religious background it is a sin, this may be the reason many pastors did not say anything during the #EndSARS protest. Fraudsters are ruining our image abroad. How will you feel when you are seen as a fraudster abroad? Bad I guess. This modern form of stealing should be stopped by this Yahoo Boys.

With all this done, if the SARS unit is put to end, then we all fought a good fight. And people like Isiaq who died due to protest, their death won't be in vain.

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