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Biafra Is The Consequence Of Corruption Of Nigerian States - Bishop Hassan KuKa Of Sokoto

The catholic priest of sokoto most Rev Mathew Kuka Has diagram the outcomes of the Nigerian Corrupted states. 

He said that Nigeria Is bit by bit floating towards complete collapse, saying the Country's inside emergency has turned into a Molotov mixed drink that earnestly should be halted from setting the country burning. 

He said this in an ongoing meeting with writer. He revealed that he had never observed Nigeria So disappointed as over the most recent couple of years. 

He noticed that numerous difficulties confronting the nation today were because of the disappointment of the political class to join the nation and tackle debasement genuineness. 

He said that each freedom day brings a feeling of premonition for Nigerians. You search wherever for a sign for something. To grin about something to seek after and to discover empowering yet you search for a tough to find little item. 

He accused those burdened with dealing with the undertakings of the country for the current dangers to Nigerians solidarity focusing on breaks into a few nations was a declaration of the baffled young people. 

As per him, before Biafra there were Odua people groups Congress and the Niger Delta Militants all before Boko Haram and the Islamist. 

So he said that Biafra is the result of the debasement in Nigeria. 

He further said that these adolescents bunches are articulation of the. disappointment that face there age. They are not the issues and they are not the ones on the dock, the blamed is the Nigerian state.

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