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Body workout gone wrong as two guys got their hands damaged with no regret

Everyone want to look good but some people are overdoing it. That can go any mile to achieve what they want. These two guys have their hands damaged in the name of working out. They even show no remorse or regret about their damaged hands.

Looking at the picture above, it is obvious that their is something wrong with this guy's hands. They are somewhat damaged and he poses with them without shame. He looks comfortable with them.

This one is even proud of his hands. He shows no regret. This is quit abnormal and could result to medical implications if not taken care of earlier.

The development of the muscles are irregular because the muscles developed at wrong places on the hands. Veins can be seen on the skin and muscles which is very unusual.

The funny part of it is that these guys are proud of their hands as if they have achieved what they want. But looking at it, they have only damaged their hands.

This is truly abnormal. Is this how other body builder's hands look like after workout?

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