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Brave Protesters in Aba Surprised the Police Who Came to Stop their Protest ; Here is What they Did

The Aba State Residents have turned heroes this evening after their bravery act when they were being shot at in a viral video earlier today to prevent them from protesting. The Police Men came in dozen and they barricaded the road in this viral video to stop the Aba Resident from marching. 

After barricading the road, they brought out their weapons and they started shooting directly at the area where the protesters were conveyed until they all ran away. 

The Police were delighted that their approach worked because the Aba residents ran away to dodge the flying bullets but, what later happened shocked the Police Officers. In fact, everyone who saw what the Aba people did was surprised because of their bravery. Here is what they did.

The Protesters initially ran away because they were outnumbered and without any weapon to retaliate the Police Officers who were shooting. They were not many in number, so they firstly ran away. The Police did not know that they only went for reinforcement. The Police were still on the road waiting to shoot any protester who comes forward to protest again. 

Suddenly, they saw thousands of people running after them with a great speed. The Police were very surprised as they refused to wait for each other. They ran one by one because they were very scared of the thousands who have taken to the street. They found a way to enter their Hillux and when they did, they did not look back at all. They speed up as if their lives depend on it. 

The Aba people started marching with great bravery and energy. The Aba people put the entire Police Force who came out to stop their protest in great fear as they ran away with their weapons.

These videos surfaced the internet, people were very shock to see the retaliation and the comeback of the Aba People. Everyone thought that they had retreated when the Police shot at them but the way they came back is indeed legendary. 

The Aba people have proven that coming out together in masses will really be of great help in protest. When they were together, they were able to send the Police Officers away. They became the heroes of the day because of their bravery. Remember to only protest peacefully so as not to ignite any riot. God bless you!

Watch Video Below:

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