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"Bullet No Dey Enter" - See Photos Of Some Aba Protesters Earlier On Tuesday

The EndSars protest continued today once again, just as it has been for close to two week now across the federation.

The protesters, are demanding for an end to police brutality in the country, also not forgetting the total scraping of the special anti-robbery squad (Sars), and the newly formed Swat team.

Peaceful protest have been witnessed in several parts of the country, including Lagos, Ondo, Edo state, Abia, Abuja, Enugu, Port Harcourt, Osun but to mention a few.

Up until Monday this week, the EndSars protest was sort of peaceful, but it witnessed a different twist as things began to get messy, due to the supposed involvement of thug's in protest venues.

Such has led to violence, and damages of both life's and properties, which has led to several state governors imposing curfews on their respective states.

The likes of Abia, Lagos, Edo, Imo, Enugu but to mention a few have all been placed on indefinite curfews due to the violent conduct of protesters.

Earlier today in Aba boys were seen on the streets carrying out the usual EndSars protest.

One major thing that stood out was the incidence of some protesters engaging the police in shootouts, with the bullets penetrating their bodies.

While some fled during the shoot outs in such areas, some protesters stood their ground as they were fully immune to bullets of the police, from the looks of things.

Here are pictures of one scene that happened somewhere in Aba today.

Indeed wonders shall never end,

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