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BVN: How To Correct Your BVN Name, Phone Number, And Date Of Birth

This article is going to show you how to correct your Bank Verification Number Name, Phone Number, and Date of Birth to be the something with the name in your bank.

How to change number on bvn

To change number on bvn, you have to head over to your bank and speak with the customer service representative.

All you have to do is request that you want to change the phone number, linked to to your bvn. The customer service representative will request for your bvn, and means of identity.

How to correct name and date of birth on bvn

Looking for how to correct my bvn name, this issue is very common especially if you opened a new account and wants to link your bvn to it. You will be seeing mismatch error message on your screen.

At times it can be name arrangement that didn’t tally with how your name is written on the bvn.

Go to the bank you did your bvn, move straight to the customer service section and speak with the representative.

You’ve to tell them that there’s a mistake on the name written on your bvn.

After that you’ll be issued a form (bvn amendment form) to fill, complete it and return it back to the customer service representative with your means of identification.

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