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Checkout what a man and his neighbor did to the man he caught his wife cheating on him with

Sometimes we ask ourselves why do people cheat? It's no news that these days, both men and women cheat, cheating has no Gender. So why be in a relationship if you'll just end up cheating on your partner?

A man who caught his wife cheating after it was alleged that his neighbors finally had the "mind" to alert him of what's been going on.

He tried to beat up the man whom his wife was cheating on him with, but the man tried to flee from the balcony.

The man tried to pursue him but it proved difficult as he was a bit fat and might have fallen off. So apparently he ran downstairs to wait for the fleeing man to come down.

The fleeing man tried to enter a neighbor's house through the balcony but she wasn't having any of it as she used a broom to push him off her balcony.

Below are some screenshots of the incident.

If You Catch Your Wife or Your Husband Cheating What Will You Do? 

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