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Dad warns son not to protest, check out the unexpected reply the son gave to his father (photos)

In relations to the ongoing "end SARS/SWAT" protest happening within and around the country, a man has shared a screenshot of the short conversation between him and his father.

Youths have turned up in crowds to various protesting areas and apparently, this boy is one of them. His father however doesn't like the idea of his son protesting against police brutality. The father seemed worried about his son and sent him a direct message. The son's reply however was very unexpected.

The father warned him to withdraw from the protest because he doesn't want any trouble. The boy boldly declined his father's words, stating that the father's generation didn't do well in making their grievance known to the government, and he wasn't willing to follow in that footstep.

See screenshots

It's very obvious that the father is simply worried about the well-being of his son (as other father's would) following the shooting and killing of some youths during the protest.

The son however, had already made his stance on the matter and he wasn't ready to be shaken off, not even by his father.

In conclusion, my advice to everyone out there protesting that the protest be kept as peaceful and as safe as possible.

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Stay safe.

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