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Dear Ladies, 6 Ways Most Men Behave When They Don't Love You anymore

Good morning blessed readers, today I will be taking about how men behave once the affection they have for you is not yet there. A lady can not love you and still take good care of you, you will be convinced she lives you

However, for men it's the opposite. If a man doesn't love you, it's very obvious. Men have a bad way of showing they don't love you anymore. The reason I chose this topic is because some people are in a relationship and still single. The guy already broke up with them deep inside but he's pretending to be dating them. This is why some ladies get heartbroken saying he never loved you. He once did but already broke up with you and healed even before the real break up happened.

1. If he's always angry or frowning when you are around, the love is gone. Let's say you pay him an impromptu visit and instead of him to be surprised and very happy, he's sad and he's making you look like a burden to him for coming, trust me he doesn't love you anymore.

2. He's not interested in listening keenly to your personal life stories. A man who loves you will always want to know Much about you, your past and your life challenges and experience. If he suddenly stops asking about these or doesn't even care, it means he already stopped loving you.

3. If a man who tells you everything suddenly stops, please be very careful, it could be the beginning of the end of the Relationship. Men tend to tell the people they love sensitive stuffs like secrets, work challenges etc. If he suddenly stops telling and won't talk even if you ask, This means he doesn't trust you anymore. Lack of trust ruins Relationships.

4. He makes you feel as if he's helping you by dating you, lady should be very careful of this because most men do this. At some point, they will be behaving as if you were the one who asked them out. Never let anybody make you feel cheap because you are dating them. Note that someone dating you isn't a help so never let someone make you feel they are helping you by dating you

5. Your opinions don't really matter to him. When you observe he doesn't take your opinions, ideas as important as before, then something is wrong. Or he probably doesn't request for your opinion unlike before.

6. He starts complaining about everything. There's no single thing you do that he won't say you did wrong. This is simply because he has chosen in his mind to only pick your flaws and trust me that's when you start making more mistakes. He won't even hesitate to scold you at any instant

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