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Dear Men, If You Woman Behaves Like These Just Quit the Relationship Its Over Already

A woman that is always giving you attention love, and care not only this but also want to see you always , talk to you and do everything with you suddenly change by giving you different kind of attitude but sometimes many men may think it's normal and maybe they should give it time, maybe the girl needs time which is not true, a woman that still love you will want to be with you and hear from you always and she will never give those kind of attitude I will be discussing below.

1. Not replying your messages : you see her online and she doesn't reply your messages as fast as before especially when the message takes hours or days to reply and when she finally do, she give you one word answer.

2. She ignore your calls : if she ignore your calls or take many missed calls before she finally pick and always gives excuses for not picking your calls every time you call her then it's a sign that you have to move on.

3. Claim to always busy: especially when you always ask her for outing or hang out, she always gives excuses that she is busy or will not be available, then she's not into you again.

4. Move on : this is a straight forward action, if she tells you to move on then there is not time to waste again she have mind up her mind therefore you have to move on too.

5. Not giving attention : when you're talking to her and she is not going you attention this is another attitude that you need to know that she's no more into you again.

What's your opinion on the above list? Please leave a comment below. 

I have a question, Have you ever dated someone who is desperate to get married soon when you are not ready yet? 

How did you get free from such relationship, am into it 😢. 

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