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Dear Men, You Will Ever Remain Poor, If You Continue In These 4 Habits

You might have been wondering why others are making it in life. Buying expensive cars and living a classic life. No doubt, you want a good life for yourself. But it seems difficult and impossible. Yeah! You don't want to remain poor. Poverty and riches are both the product of how you manage your life. Neither is poverty and riches by chance. It is a definite product of how you plan. Do you know there are certain habits you do that could hinder your progress and make you to remain poor. The essence of this article is to enlighten you on some habits you must stop, if you don't want to ever remain poor.

You will definitely regret your actions ,if you continue with these lifestyles and habits, am about to list out.

1. Negative Thinking. Research has shown that that nature tends to influencer our life the way we think. Many peeps are poor today because of inability to be optimistic and see reasons why they should believe in themselves. Imagine! How do you expect others to believe you are good and great ,if you don't believe in yourself. Negative thinkers tend to attract negative things into their life while positive thinkers tend to attract positive things into their life. Hence , say no to negative thinking, and try as much as you could to be optimistic, and expectant of nothing but the very best. The habit of negative thinking should will make you remain poor, unless you change .

2. Unnecessary spending : A common feature among self_made millionaires in the world is that they don't spend unnecessarily. They only invest in profitable ventures. If you are in the category of spending recklessly, stop it ! it has the tendency of making you poor. Spend your money wisely and jealously.

3. Taking too much of alcohol. Excessive alcohol is liable to cause health issues such as liver damage, Diabetes, high blood pressure , stroke among others. It could also result to verbal and physical abuse.It is sympathetic that many men are involved in taking excessive alcohol. When you are down due to health challenges protracted from excessive alcohol how do you plan to make it life and deliver yourself from the bond of poverty. If you continue in excessive alcohol , there's tendency you might regret on the long run. Hence, the need to shun it.

4. Gambling : It is waging of material item or money on an event with uncertain outcomes with the primary aim of earnings more. According to research it has shown that gambling is one of the easiest way to lose your money. There's no cheap money anywhere. Neither is there easy money anywhere. The power to make money lies in you. Gambling has a serious problem on your psychological and physical well being. It could to depression, distress and intestinal disorder among other health issues. Gambling can't make you rich, it can only worsen your state of poverty. Hence, stop gambling and take life with seriousness. If you stop this habit and focus on ways to make money you will definitely escape from the bond of poverty. Failure to stop it, might result to regret .

These aforementioned habits could contribute to your poverty and and make you remain poor. Dear readers, stop any habit that will hither your being successful. Regret is certain, if you continue with the habits .

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