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Dear parent, See How Ritualist Get Their Victim for Blood Money. Pass this Info to your Kids

This time of the year citizens need to be very careful, you need to pray before you go out on the road, please parents pass this information to your love ones and share with friends and family, doing this can save someone life, may the good lord protect you.

Occult men make use of blood to get wealth and they go into deadly means to get their victims for sacrifice, it a month of ember and many bad people can do any thing to get money, if it means to kill a soul. Please before your kids go out please warn them about unknown strangers.

This are the strategic evil men do get their victims for sacrifice

1) they get their victims through calling on WhatsApp video call, please if you see any strange call on your WhatsApp please don't answer the call. In most cases if a victim answer the call, it might be the end of their life, or they might be struck with deadly disease, that can possibly lead to death, be warn and stay safe.

2) if you see money in front of your house don't pick it, sometimes it was drop on purpose by the evil ones to get victim for sacrifice. Warn your kids about that. I was had an experience ones when a boy pick up a huge amount of money and turn into a goat, it very real it not a fiction, please no matter the situation you are facing, try not to pick money on the ground it very important.

Please don't read alone, try and share with friends and family and also with neighborhood, may we never loss any of our friends and family in the mighty name of Jesus.

Please if you love my information don't forget to share and I will keep writing more .

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