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Desmond Elliot is Ambitious, He is Acting for His Political Godfathers to see His Loyalty - Reno Omokri (Video)

Desmond Elliot reacted to the social media bill as he said it has a negative impact on the youths.

The lawmaker who was angry addressed Nigerian Youths as children as he said they stormed social media to insult those in government during the End SARS protest, adding that it is wrong for them to insult those in power. 

Desmond Elliot after addressing the youths as children also said that he does not blame them, but the government who gave them the effrontery to do that.

Following the recent Video which shows the moment Desmond Elliot called Nigerian Youths Children, Reno Omokri took to his verified social media page to react saying that Desmond Elliot is ambitious. 

Watch Video Showing Desmond Elliot Below:

Reacting to the Video Reno Omokri wrote:

1- @DesmondOElliot was acting for his political godfathers to see his loyalty. He is ambitious. He was writing a promotion exam. He felt the person that’d grade his exam is Bola @AsiwajuTinubu. But Nigeria has changed. Power has shifted to the people 

2-Even Bola @AsiwajuTinubu himself can’t recover from the effects of the last two weeks. @DesmondOElliot expects someone who can’t save himself to save him. Alas, he unwisely chose to be the proverbial fly that followed the corpse into the grave 

[email protected] should have read the times. Bola @AsiwajuTinubu once had the Midas Touch. Now, all Tinubu has left is the Leprous Touch! Desmond incurred the wrath of forces greater than his godfathers. They may sacrifice him to appease those forces

#FreeLeahSharibu #EndSARS

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