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Despite Nigeria Army's Denial, Sanwo Olu Finally Confesses To CNN on "Lekki Massacre".

Tonight Live on CNN, the Governor of Lagos State made some things known to the world in a live interview. He admitted that the video was valid, stating that the men who shot the peaceful protesters were in uniform. He also said that CCTV cameras where present at the location where it happened and it would be provided to the Judicial panel.

KINGSPARO.COM recalls that Nigerian Army had earlier denied some news headlines about the incident that happened at Lekki Toll Gate. 

When asked if the Military personnel would be brought to justice, he said that he would try to bring them to justice but he is not the commander in chief of the Armed Forces therefore he cannot say that they would be brought to justice. On his own end, he would try as much to get justice, but he doesn't have the power of the Commander (President).

Meanwhile Sanwo Olu had earlier said that there were no blood stains on the area where it happened. But now, he had admitted that the videos were valid.

The questions Nigerians are now asking is "Who gave the Order? And Why?

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