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Do Not Be Moved By What You See On Social Media - Check Out What This Lady Did To Decieve People

Social media is a place where so many things happen. Unlike the physical environment, social media is an online social community where people meet, make friends, chat and do business. Ever since social media became accessible by the common man, a lot have been going on online.

Social media which includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp and others have been a good platform where users engage in discussions and relationships that might lead to a successful meeting.

However, some users have decided to use the same social media platforms to showcase their fake life which they claim to be living.

They use simple deceptive tactics to deceive their friends on social media that they are living well whereas it's fake. They do all sorts of things to prove to friends just to get money and favours from them.

People hardly doubt such fake people once they see a snapshot of them in a familiar setting. They tend to believe that they are been told the truth.

These are mainly the tactics fraudsters use to get money from their clients and it’s still working for them.

A Facebook user with the name Priskin Pedersen posted a photo of a lady who tried to convince her social media friends that she is in a plane, and it has caused stirs about how people live fake life just to deceive friends.

 Obviously those pictures were perfectly taken but all that glitters is not gold no matter how you present them.

What is your take on this?

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