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Do not tell people these seven (7) secrets if you want to succeed

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It is important for you to know that you shouldn't share all your secrets to your friends because those that you call your friends today could turn to your enemies tomorrow.

So beware of the vital information you shared with your friends because it could be use against you tomorrow.

Listed below are the seven secrets you should never tell anyone if you want to succeed in life.

1) Material Belongings:

Learn how to keep the value of material belongings you have to yourself and stop boosting it to others because you never know those that are not happy about it.

2) Family Problems:

Whatever happens in your family should never be shared with your friends or outsiders because some people are good at using your problems against you later in the future.

3) Your Income:

It is never a good idea to share your income with outsiders or your friends so as to avoid been robbed.

4) Secrets of Others who trust you:

Try not to share the secrets of those that confided in you with any other third parties.

5) Goals for the Future:

Every individual has their own long time goal set for the future. In other to achieve this quickly, you are most likely to keep it inside you.

6) Past Downfall:

Every individual has his/her own past downfall. Stop telling people about your past downfall so as not to estimate your current strength and what you are up to.

7) Passwords:

It would be extremely naive to give up your password to your friends or outsiders because it can be used to scammed you later.

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