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Do You Fart Too Much? Here Is How To Revert The Problem

Farting is the process of passing gas Through the anus. This gas occur due to bacterias found in the gut which release this gases during digestion.

Sometimes farting can be disgusting especially when it is impossible to stop them. Here are some of the causes that might result to farting and the way to prevent them. 


People who are experiencing constipation are said to fart a lot. This is because there are a lot of stuck indigested food material in the stomach. Constipation can be treated by taking warm salty water in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help loosen the waste products and clean the gut.

Be taking ginger tea most times

Ginger is a medicine that normally treat most of the stomach complications. Take warm ginger tea in the morning at least four times a week.

Avoid ball gums

Ball gums are associated with causing bloating and stomach gases. If you experience these problems, don't take ball gums.

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