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Do You Like Watching Blue Movies? Congratulations this Good Message is for You

It is only what we want for ourselves that would happen to us, now, if you are a core Blue Films addict, these four Messages are for you.

1) God goes against immorality. It is apparent in the scriptures here and there. It keeps someone away from things of the heavens.

2) Watching Blue Films can keep fortunes away from people. Imagine a business person watching a blue film movie early Monday morning 

3) It destroy someone's personality and reputations in the society. Imagine someone collecting your phone in the church or mosque and then discover this evil activities.

4) Blue Films addict often find it difficult to pray to God directly because they are engaging in an ungodly activity unknowingly.

So Brethren while not change today?

Do you think watching a Blue Film have any side effects?

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  1. At least it keeps me from physical sex as we all know

  2. It destroy one forever & rendered him useless

  3. It destroy one forever & rendered him useless


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